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Feb 21, 2020
Salvation Army Update
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Feb 28, 2020
State Highway Patrol
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Mar 06, 2020
Board of Elections: Voting Polls & How It All Works
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Mar 13, 2020
History of WOSU
Craig Truax
Mar 20, 2020
Mid Ohio Food Bank
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Mar 27, 2020
Canine Compainions
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Apr 03, 2020
New ID Requirements for Travel & Drivers License
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Apr 10, 2020
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Welcome to Dublin AM Rotary

Our club is 110 members strong, working together to offer community service here at home and throughout the world!
Dublin AM meets at 7:30 AM every Friday morning at The Country Club at Muirfield Village. Visitors are welcome to join us to meet business and community leaders, hear presentations from a some of the areas most interesting speakers and learn more about Rotary International.
Home Page Stories
Alan Miller, Dispatch Media Group, speaking to Dublin AM on Friday, 2/14/20, also pictured with Tom McGloshen and a journalist student.
Andy Keeler receiving his Paul Harris Fellow Award from Susan Robenalt
  • The Polar Bear golf outing is just a week away!  There is still time to sign up to be a golfer or to be a sponsor.  We are even expecting good weather!  Please note:  Check-in for the event begins at 8 AM on 2/8.  To date, 90 golfers are registered to participate, and 25 people and/or companies have agreed to be sponsors of the event.  For more information please contact Jim Listebarger.
  • Planning for Dublin AM Rotary’s annual Pro-Am golf tournament is underway.  This event benefits veterans and local schools and will take place on 6/3.  Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.  More information will be coming soon.
GUEST SPEAKER: Tom Stickrath - Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety
Tom has over 30 years of public service experience and has worked under six Ohio governors.  He was a significant force to make major improvements in Ohio’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety arenas.
Even while Ohio’s prison populations grew 625% (from 8,000 inmates to 50,000 inmates), using processes improvement methods like LEAN Six Sigma, Tom oversaw meaningful enhancements in:
  • Prison Operations
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Youth Services and
  • Criminal Evidence Processing
Additionally, he helped drive more effective employment practices such as increased diversity and increased academic standards for personnel. 
Near term public safety focuses in Ohio include finding solutions to problems including:  
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Human Trafficking
  • Youth & Driving Issues
    • Texting and Driving
    • Not wearing safety belts
It is also important to note that big changes are happening in and around the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Ohioans can register online at several BMV locations and reduce their wait times. In fact, online users of this tool cut wait times from an average of 26 minutes to an average of 3 minutes. 
Further, Tom reminded Rotarians that 10/1/2020 is when new identification requirements will be implemented.  After that date a “Real ID” will be required to enter federal buildings and to board flights.  NOTE:  The requirements for obtaining the Real ID at your local BMV can be found on the Ohio BMV website.
Thomas Kleven, Rotary Assistant District Governor recognized our club's twenty winners of the 125 Club member pins.  To become a 125 Club member, Rotarians must contribute at least $100 to the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund and at least $25 to the global PolioPlus effort.
The recognition goes to:
  • Emmet Apolinario
  • James Bandeen
  • Trevor Donaldson
  • Ingrid Fields
  • Faye Herriot
  • Todd Hoadley
  • Andrew Keeler
  • Mike Isler
  • Jim Listebarger
  • Thomas McGloshen
  • Ronald Morgan
  • Dennis Muchnicki
  • Roland Pagniano, Jr.
  • Timothy Redman
  • Laura Reinbolt
  • Susan Robenalt
  • Daryl Schorsten
  • Page Cornbrock
  • Janes Warburton
  • Phil Yoder
  • Next week is an important week for Dublin AM Rotary club.  Next week, our Friday morning meeting will be led by the Rotaract team
  • The February 8, Polar Bear golf outing is filling up with 53 golfers signed up, 24 hole-sponsors committed and several volunteers lines up.  “But we can do better!” says Jim Listebarger as he reminded the club that friends and family are welcome to golf, help out as volunteers and sponsor holes.  With 3 weeks to go, there is time to get involved
GUEST SPEAKER:  Tim Petska with the Joseph Group discussed the Economic Outlook for 2020.
Tim made no recommendations for stock or bond purchases, but rather discussed ways of thinking about this year. 
Possible considerations when thinking about 2020 capital markets:
1.) A wise investor focuses on scenarios, not forecasts or predictions
2.) It may be a good idea to consider Small caps, value style and foreign stocks when making 2020 investment decisions because they are relatively discounted compared to other stocks trading at 20X PE
3.) In an election year, the Fed is not as likely to modify interest rates.  This belief is driven from the thinking that the Fed may not want to appear politically motivated in making monetary decisions
4.) Bond performance varies inversely with interest rates.  Interest rates are at very low levels currently
5.) Investment considerations should include factual, macro level policy decisions and not one’s own political preferences or fears
Tim explained that a good amount of the equity growth in 2019 was a likely a result of stocks trading at higher PE ratios.  Further, for continued sustainable growth, it is likely that strong 2020 corporate earnings are needed for continued equity appreciation. 

Club Announcements – There's So Much Happening With Dublin AM!

  • Wine not Wednesday gathering this Wednesday, 1/15, at 5:30pm at Coast Wine House on S High Street in Dublin – For more information please contact Bonnie Coley-Malir
  • Robotic Middle School Competition being held this Saturday, 1/11 at Dublin Jerome High School beginning at 8AM – For more information please contact Wolf Lant
  • Communication Meeting kickoff for 2020 to be held immediately after the Rotary AM meeting next Friday, 1/17.This is great way to get involved in the club – For more information please contact Ingrid Fields
  • Photographers needed!If you have a cellphone and can take a picture you may be qualified to help – For more information please contact Roberta Kayne
  • Super Bowling fund raiser to raise money for scholarships for Dublin and Worthington Rotary Clubs taking place on 2/1.Thanks to Jim Miller visiting Rotary member from Dublin/Worthington club for bringing this to our attention
  • Polar Bear Golf:Taking place on 2/8 this year.At present we have 50+ golfers signed up, but we are still looking for additional players.Further, sponsorships for several holes are still available.Please sign up online.If you have questions, please contact Sinan Yaykin
  • Pro Am Committee announced that this years Pro Am, benefitting veterans and local schools will take place on 6/3.More information will be coming soon
  • 2020 Mission Trip March 14 through March 21.Jim Burness reminded members that if you are interested in participating please contact him
  • The club recognized the newest Dublin City Council member, Dublin AM Rotary’s very own Andrew Keeler – Congratulations!

Our Speaker – Aaron Greene, Founder of College Liftoff

College Liftoff wants to ensure parents and prospective college students think of college expense as an investment.This thinking is akin to how one thinks of a home purchase or retirement saving.
Happy Holidays from Dublin AM Rotary
This morning's meeting continued our Holiday Tradition of the Rev Steve Smith spreading the message of the true meaning of Holidays and the importance of story telling. In addition to hearing a great message of hope and joy, Lara our exchange student also spread the holiday spirit with homemade cookies. On behalf of Dublin AM,  wishing all a safe and joyous Holiday season with Friends and Family! 
  • No meetings December 27th, or January 3rd
  • The Polar Bear Open is right around the corner Saturday, February 8th to benefit Children's charities and the Dublin AM rotary club. Sign-up now and get more details at polarbeargolf.org. 
  • Photos from top left - Jim Bandeen receiving his Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Pin.  Susan Robenalt receiving her 8th Paul Harris Fellow Award/Pin (ruby).
  • Photos bottom left and right - Reverend Stephen Smith speaking to Dublin AM about Christmas.
Our guest speaker -Our Own Special Dr. Todd Hoadley and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Tracey Deagle
Todd and Tracey shared the Districts Redistricting Plans, Budget and Student Population Demographics in an excellent summary
Remember to take pictures of your Red Kettle Bell Ringing squad and send the photo to Kent please! Bruce wants to see our ringing form and style.
WOW-The Mission Trip is expanding, Jim Burness announced we have 24 people going so far. Please look again at the dates and feasibility that you can join too. Multiple doctors providing dental care will be joined with children’s services and prosthetic fittings too so many skill sets will be appreciated.
Salvation Army Kohl’s Shoppers for the Holidays -Susan Robenalt and members have contributed again to a Happy Holidays experience for over 19 families. Susan’s thanks for the continued giving, shopping expertise for best deals and contributions have been shared. Contributions are in process to Synteroo and the Salvation Army this weekend.
The Dublin City Schools are undergoing a redistricting effort due to student population increases. Drs. Hoadley and Deagle quickly gave us an excellent view of some events and facts about our city schools:
  • 70+ Non English native languages in Dublin students - we have become quite the global school district.
  • Global travel is an option for high school and middle school studies.
  • The Dublink network continues to save the school over $100,000 in operating expenses annually.
  • Over $1.5 M in revenues are received from the Bridge Street project
  • 2 New elementary schools are coming on line
  • 1 more middle school is in process to be added now
  • A centralized Preschool has been established and is now serving the community  
  • The partnerships, grants and Dublin taxpayers are all very much appreciated for their support and contributions to this excellent school district doing very innovative programs from Be Well initiatives to IT networking and coding, Emerald Campus curriculum and engineering studies.
Bruce Andrews and his annual bell-ringing workshop with Cindy Groeniger, Tim Redman and Jim Warburton. (above)
Kent Underwood with Rotaractors
Susan Robenalt awarding Paul Harris Fellow Awards to Tim Redman and Calvin Gebhart
Interactors selling home baked dog biscuits
Annual Meeting - David Bentz introducing the 2020-21 Board and Committee Chairs.
Kent Underwood & Cindy Groeniger with new members Trevor Donaldson, Craig Truax and Linda Cochran
We had the honor  to get an update on the  state of the 2019 Buckeye Football Team from  Ohio State greats Craig Krenzel and Ryan Miller. For the Rotarians in the crowd who are Buckeye fans the news was overwhelming GREAT! Craig and Ryan were very excited about the job Ryan Day is doing in his first year at the helm. They feel he is doing a great job building a special culture, recruiting the best players in the country, in addition they view him as one of the best coaches for his game day strategy. They were also very excited about the talent and the results they have seen on defense, offense and special teams this year.  
In addition to providing great insight on the game, Ryan and Craig have also done a great job supporting the Dublin community and beyond. They are both active in the 2nd and 7th foundation, a community outreach program geared at promoting literacy and providing positive role models for children. To see how you can get involved  go to https://www.secondandseven.com/donate/donate-online/ to help with this great cause! 
  • The Holiday season is here and the opportunities to celebrate with your Rotary Family is great! 
    • Dec 5th- Contact Claudia Trusty to volunteer for Hot Chocolate sales on Dec 5th at the Dublin Tree lighting 
    • Dec 6th- Holiday Party- Sign-up for a night of fun and fellowship
    • Dec 7th & 14th- Volunteer to ring the Salvation Army bell
    • Coffman Interact will be offering their annual dog biscuit sales on Dec 6th. Contact Claudia Trusty to place your order, all  sales benefit Canine Companions.  
Dublin AM Rotary November 8, 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker focus today was our Dublin AM Rotary Foreign Exchange Student “Inbound to America” Lara Kranke with a guest appearance from France- our “Outbound” Chris Humphrey.
Kent Underwood showed great technology trust and fortitude with a Zoom call to France, the video of Red Skelton  and Lara’s presentation in our meeting today.
Wine Not Wednesday at Z Cuccina this week! Ramona announced that the Social Committee events continue this Wednesday in the Bridge Park area at 5:30 and some will be starting closer to 5 so come early and come all, these have been great little get togethers!
December 5th we will be serving hot chocolate and hot cider to raise funds for the historic society at the Dublin Tree Lighting. Claudia assured us no cooking skills needed but she would appreciate a few hot water carafes if possible?  Volunteers too from 5-7 pm.
Kent reminded us of our Snow Policy: If Dublin schools are delayed or cancelled then the Rotary meeting is also cancelled.  Just a timely reminder before our first big snowfall of the season.  
Bonnie announced that the Holiday Party emails invitations are out and should be in your email as of yesterday- please find and reserve your spot among the happy holiday partying going gang on December 6th!
Andy Keeler appreciates the support received, we applaud his win to Dublin City Council and anticipate his continued service to our great city.
Tom  McGloshen shared the 4 Way Test content as discussed last meeting and provided handouts today from the Rotarian Magazine article.
Roberta is still collecting  canned goods and needs a volunteer to collect our goods and deliver to the Food Pantry next week.  Please bring your food item to the meeting next Friday.
  • Kent Underwood:  Dublin Am Rotary raised $3,625 net to end polio through bourbon sales
  • Kent:  There is a Christmas lighting on 12/5.  Will be selling hot chocolate
  • Bruce Andrews:  Red Kettle Bell Ringing for Salvation Army signup will begin next week.  Rining dates are 1st three Saturdays in December 12/7, 12/14 & 12/21
  • Kaitlyn Gushue:  Due to recent exits from Rotaract club, the club is in need of new members between 23 and 30 years of age.  Katitlyn and Sinan Yaykin urged Dublin AM Rotary members to help recruit for Rotaract
  • Stephen Schmitt: Next Wednesday night, 11/6, Dublin Robotics Boosters is hosting a Lego robotics competition at Jerome High School at 6:45.  The theme is problems in your city.  Participants will be expected to Identify a problem, Propose a solution using robotics and Be judged
  • Ingrid Fields:  Please offer feedback on how  Dublin AM Rotary members would like to receive news about the club - online or paper copy
  • Ramona:  Thanks to those who attended bourbon tasting last week.  It was good time.  
  • David Bentz:  If you've purchased bourbon to benefit polio cure efforts, see David for your bottles.
  • Mike Close:  Election Day next Tuesday, 11/5.  Remember to vote!
  • Cap Clegg:  Next two weeks Dublin AM Rotary will be conducting a food drive for the Dublin Food Pantry.  Please bring food items for each of the next two weeks to our Friday morning meetings
Lucas Bauer, Principal of Daniel Wright Elementary School, presenting to Dublin AM Rotary this morning. Group photo includes Dr. Todd Hoadley, Superintendent of Dublin Schools, Kent Underwood and other administrators of Dublin Schools.

Thanks to Kaitlyn Gushue for taking the group photo today, Roberta Kayne for taking pictures and posting and Shannon Stover for writing!

Dublin AM Rotary August 25, 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker Leigh Burnside The Wendy’s Company  Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Accounting Officer
Leigh shared an interesting perspective on Wendy’s and the values that Dave Thomas still influences in our community and in Wendy's  corporate culture over these past 50 years.
  • The Holiday Season is coming soon….
    • December 5th- Tree Lightening and Hot Chocolate Sale- please see Kaitlyn Gushue or Claudia Trusty to volunteer
    • Our 2019 Holiday party is scheduled for Friday, December 6, 6:00 pm at the Country Club at Muirfield Village.  
    • December 7th, volunteers are needed to shop for our Adopted Families Christmas Gifts
  • Fundraising Committees Meetings already in progress
  • Polar Bear meetings Friday- more frequent- See Jim Listebarger and Jim Bandeen for weekly schedule 
  • Pro Am committee meetings – only monthly for now -see John Susie and David Lundgren
Leigh Burnside has a rich background in financial management and has been a long term leader for The Wendy’s Company. 1969 was Dave Thomas’ founding of The Wendy’s Company headquartered in Dublin, Ohio.  It is now a $10 Billion publicly traded company including all franchise and corporate store sales.  The Dublin campus is approximately 600 employees upporting operation of over 250,000 employees and franchisees globally.  The company maintains approximately a 95% to 5% franchise to corporate store ownership model.  
Past District Governor Craig Maxey speaking to Dublin AM on Friday, 10/18, about Polio Plus - End Polio.
Guest Speaker- Craig Maxey, World Polio Day- Oct 24th
  • We are still working hard to eradicate Polio, and continue to make progress
    • Thanks to the efforts of Rotary, only 2 Countries remain with cases- Afghanistan and Pakistan
    • In 2018 our district raised $218K to battle Polio, in 2019 our goal is $265K
    • Thanks to all members who supported the 125 Club and to City Barbeque for donating a portion of their sales on Oct 24th to this worthy cause
    • Together we continue to make a difference for Children throughout the World
Mark your calendar for all these upcoming events
  • Support World Polio Day Oct 24th at City Barbeque -25% of proceeds at the Powell and Upper Arlington will be donated to the fight against Polio  
  • Bourbon Tasting Party- Oct 25th from 6-9:30pm at Ramona and Barry’s House
    • Please join us as we gather with friends, eat good food and toast to the upcoming holiday season! As we have done in the past we will be pairing the PERFECT PARTY with a BOURBON TASTING!  
  • Polar Bear Committee will hold a meeting at 7:00am Oct 25th
  • The Holiday Season is coming soon….
    • December 5th- Tree Lightening and Hot Chocolate Sale- please see Kaitlyn Gushue or Claudia Trusty to volunteer
    • Our 2019 Holiday party is scheduled for Friday, December 6, 6:00 pm at the Country Club at Muirfield Village.  
    • December 7th, volunteers are needed to shop for our Adopted Families Christmas Gifts
On October 24th, World Polio Day, City Barbecue has generously offered to donate 25% of the proceeds of their sales to Dublin AM Rotary/Rotary International’s efforts to help eradicate Polio. 
All we have to do is present the attached coupon to the cashier and they will scan the barcode at the register.  The coupons can be printed and presented or simply scanned off of our phones.… no printing required.  
The two participating locations are in Powell (3758 W Powell Rd) and Upper Arlington (2111 W Henderson Rd).  
But why dine alone?  Let's take this opportunity to dine for a cause together!  Come to City BBQ on Powell Rd. anytime from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm and we can share in great fellowship and great food.
Please share this email and information with your friends, families and co-workers. Working together we can finally wipe Polio from the face of the earth while enjoying the some of the best barbecue around!   This generous offer from City BBQ is valid October 24th only and please reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Veteran’s History Project - Eric Rood 

Friday, 9/27, we had the honor of hearing Eric Rood from the Ohio Veterans Oral History Project. He gave us an overview of the great work that is being done to preserve the oral histories of our Veterans. He has made it his mission to record Veterans telling their stories so generations of their Family can hear their story and history can be told from all perspectives; photos, film and recorded interviews. 

If you would like to watch some of the great interviews Eric has created you can go to YouTube under “timeless voices of aviation”, or if you have a Veteran who would like to tell their story, Eric can be contacted at rood.eric@gmail.com. Thanks to Eric for everything he is doing to honor the sacrifice of our Veterans. 


The Ohio Veterans Oral History Project is an ongoing initiative of the Ohio History Connection to collect and preserve the stories of Ohio’s veterans. The Ohio History Connection believes that every veteran’s story is important and shows different aspects of military service and sacrifice.  They are collecting veterans’ stories of their military experiences to make them available for future generations. They have partnered with the National Veterans Memorial and Museum and Honor Flight Columbus to locate veterans interested in participating in the project. These histories help inform designers working for the Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum and some will be used in the memorial and museum itself.



-September 28th the Perfect party starts @ 6:00 at Andy & JJ Keeler’s 

-Oct 8th @PMI credit Union you can meet the candidates- doors open @ 6:00pm- come and support Andy Keeler in his candidacy bid. 

-Oct 24th World Polio Day- Dine at City BBQ where a portion of the proceeds will go to ending Polio

Dublin AM Rotary October 4th, 2019 Meeting   Dr. Katherine Fell    President   University of Findlay
Monday October 7th Rotaract Elections will be held at Dublin Library
October 8th there will be a Meet the Candidates evening at the BMI Credit Union. Come and support Andy Keeler, our Rotary member running for council.
October 11th at our club meeting we will also host the Meet the Candidates session during our meeting.
October 13th is the Robotics competition and Wolf Lant needs judges, set up and tear down volunteers.  It is a fun  event to see the schools show off their talents.
October 14th, Interact meetings- Sinan has the details
At our meeting Friday, October 18th our featured speaker will be our own Assistant  District Governor Craig Maxey sharing our Rotary work on Polio Eradication.
October 24th is World Polio Day and City BBQ has a generous donation and discount program going so enjoy BBQ and do some good for Polio eradication.
Bourbon Tasting and the Perfect Perfect Party October 25th with Ramona and Barry – sign up now as a bourbon taster or non-bourbon taster for this party. See emails from Ramona.
Mark Saturday February 8th, Polar Bear fun again! Expect committee meetings to commence.
Hope everyone enjoys the Rotary gift this morning-more swag coming to preview during a November meeting as Claudia helps us raise our Rotary visibility.
Dublin AM Rotary September 20, 2019 Meeting
Welcome  to our new Chief of Police- Chief Justin Páez
October 8th there will be a Meet the Candidates evening at the BMI Credit Union. Come and support Andy Keeler, our member running for council.
October 11th at our club meeting we will also host the Meet the Candidates session during our meeting.
125 Club – Dwight has the final signup sheet for the Irish Whiskey fundraiser to contribute to Polio Plus eradication funds.  Please reach out to  him if you have missed the signup sheets, only 2 bottles left.
Wolf is looking for judges, set up and take down volunteers for the Robotics competition on October 13th. It is a fun event to see and participate in with an energetic group of school age kids showing their talents.
Sue Burness gave a big Dublin Am Rotary welcome to our guest speaker - Chief Justin Páez.
Chief Justin Páez began his career in law enforcement in 2001 and has been a member of the Dublin Police Department since November 2003. During his career, Chief Páez has served as a patrol officer, patrol corporal, accreditation sergeant, community impact unit sergeant, lieutenant, operations bureau commander, services bureau commander and deputy chief of police.
Chief Páez earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University.  He is a graduate of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership Courses, which include the “Supervisory Training and Education Program (STEP)” and “Police Executive Leadership College (PELC)” as well as the Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.
The Chief told us a bit about his family’s public service background and his personal inspiration demonstrated over 35 years by his father.  We learned a bit about his 5 kids and wife Abby.
We learned about Public Safety roles of the 113 officers working across the 3 shifts and the community impact we have seen from this dedicated team. Chief Páez helps our citizens Be the Best Version of Ourselves in many ways:
  • Community Education
  • Traffic and Freeway Patrol
  • Detective Bureau and incident triage
  • Address crime and neighborhood patterns for lower occurrences
  • Addiction reduction among our community
  • School support in many ways
  • Dispatch services for many surrounding communities
Chief Páez took time for a questions and answers session and we will certainly look forward to another visit to Dublin AM Rotary!
Dublin AM Rotary August 23, 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker Bill Easdale
Marysville Auto Plant Vice President and General Manager
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.
Bill gave a very comprehensive overall presentation of the growth of Honda’s business facilitated by the Marysville Manufacturing capability and the resulting community growth and success as well over these past 40 years.
Bill had a team with Stephanie for professional video set up and his wife, Dori Easdale with Coldwell Banker.
Rita appreciated the personal items and toiletries donated to the human trafficking outreach and support efforts. Kent will share more details from the human trafficking training and awareness session.
Polio Eradication will be the topic when Craig Maxey comes to speak to our club with this important update.
Rotaract initial meeting successfully touched 10 – 15 attendees and charter members in this young professional group. This is a big initiative expanding the college Rotaract clubs. Congratulations Kaitlyn & Sinan, more god news to come from this group. Possibly a community garden we heard?
Camp Mary Orton was home as Claudia and Kent’s leadership focus was a big success wit the Interact clubs across Dublin high schools. See your August newsletter for a great picture!
The very first ever Rotary Dublin AM Car Show is almost here! As Lou announced at the meeting, your presence and conversation and attendance is so very important to our event and our sponsors.  September 1st -please see what other roles are still needed by watching your emails and come out and see the cars!
Honda Manufacturing……. Bill Easdale
Bill shared the 40th Year Anniversary of Honda in Marysville:
Mr. Soichiro Honda invests in the locations where cars and motorcycles are sold. He believes that is where they need to be built. Purpose of technology is to help people.  
Power of Dreams was very important to Mr. Honda and his leadership.
Monozukuri is The Art of Manufacturing. 
Growth of the Marysville Motorcycle facility from 64 initial employees to over 15,000 now over 4 plants, testing center and R&D facilities.