Dr. Christi Scott Bartman has been involved in anti-human trafficking efforts in Ohio for over a decade. She is the founder of Eyes Up Appalachia, an anti-human trafficking initiative focusing on the Appalachian Counties of Ohio. She operates as a compassionate catalyst to push for better ways to address human trafficking and the vulnerabilities that underlie it. In 2021 she received The Social Justice Leader Award from the University of Toledo's Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute, was a semi-finalist in the Everyday Heroes of Central Ohio and was chosen as one of the inaugural fellows for the Foundation for Appalachian Ohioan 2022. In 2023 she was awarded the Everyday Ohio Heroes Award for the Southeast Region by the Ohio Children's Trust Fund. She served as the Co-Chair of the Ohio Attorney General's Trafficking Commission Research/Gap and Data Analysis Subcommittee until January 2022 and continues to serve on that subcommittee. Christi is an Air Force Veteran.
Christi also shared these links and resources:
Christi's website http://eyesupappalachia.org/ has lots of resources that are divided into interest groups - all focused on general audiences, not just the Appalachian area. If anyone would like to follow-up on familial trafficking, there are some great podcasts and information under that tab. https://www.eyesupappalachia.org/familialtrafficking 
Another resource -  “Be Safe, Know Safe, Stay Safe” campaign. You can access the social media posts at https://www.eyesupappalachia.org/safeperson . If anyone is interested in posting that on their social media that would be great! 
You can also see the Resource Guide that was referenced on that postcard at https://www.eyesupappalachia.org/resource-guide-on-safe-social-media-use . It is full of mostly national resources and tips for individuals in age appropriate ways. It is not limited to the Appalachian area. 
"Please feel free to share the above links . I had so many positive responses that I would love for them to know I truly appreciate their interest and concern for those that fall victim to human trafficking!"
Photos of our team putting together toiletries kits for the victims of sex trafficking at Gracehaven on the left.
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