During this meeting, we took Flight with NetJets as their team members Sara Abele and Halle Markwas (Dublin AM Rotary Club Member) pulled back the curtains and showed us what’s behind the world’s largest, leading private jet company.  We learned about what sets this Columbus-based company apart and what it’s like onboard a NetJets aircraft.

Sara is Senior Vice President of Sales at NetJets. During her 19 years at NetJets, she has held a variety of roles in customer service and sales, now focusing on customer accounts and new business development in Ohio and Michigan.

Halle is the Senior Project Manager on the Global 5 Senses Team, a unique team dedicated to curating the onboard experience for Owners and creating that ONLY NetJets experience.  Halle has over a decade of project management experience and is a former luxury hotelier and Certified Meeting Professional.
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