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Good Day Rotarians: One of the many ways members can become active in the club and have a great time interacting with club members is to volunteer to serve as a Sergeant-at-Arms for club meetings and activities.

The position of Sergeant-at-Arms is derived from history going back to the days of the Crusades and to the Court of England. The position was established to safeguard the high officials of the crown and/or maintain sercurity and order within the the court and eventually the legislature. Rotary International Manual of Procedures states "...The officers of a club are the President... and a sergeant-at-arms who plays a vital role in allowing the club President to concentrate on conducting the weekly meeting".

The functions of a Sergeant-at-Arms is to help maintain an orderly, dignified, and effective Rotary club meeting, one that will make the right kind of impression on club members, visitors, and guests. These functions include:

a. Be constantly on the alert to prevent any occurrence that might detract from the dignity and prestige associated with Rotary clubs.

b. To handle the physical preparations for, and the mechanical/logistical arrangements of a meeting, and, unobtrusively, to guide the general conduct of members and guests at the meeting.

c. Play an important role in overall following and maintaining a schedule of events and activity to provide for a pleasant and successful meeting.

d. Allow the President to conduct the meeting with confidence and a rule of order. e. Assisting members and guests to be able to have a positive and enjoyable experience with the club meeting.

Members volunteering as Sergeant-at-Arms will be scheduled for duty once or possibly twice in a six-month period. Each duty period involves showing up approximately 30 minutes early to set up the meeting room, assist the Treasurer with ticket sales and sign-in activities, providing introductions of guests and visitors, performing recognition of member activities of note (which may include financial contributions), conducting the weekly drawings for large and small pot ticket sales, and cleaning up and returning club materials to storage after the meeting. Most Sergeant-at-Arms have completed their duties within 10 to 15 minutes following the meeting.

It is a very easy and enjoyable time of service for the club. If this is your kind of club service activity and you are interested in serving as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Dublin A.M. Rotary club, see the Master Sergeant-at-Arms Dave Williamson.