March 2015

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Dublin AM

Service Above Self

We meet Fridays at 7:30 AM
The Country Club at Muirfield Village
8715 Muirfield Dr
Dublin, OH  43017
United States
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Get Ready Dublin AM Rotary

Click here  to see hundreds of fun photos from our Flikr page of the event, with thanks to Mohan ViddamRoberta Kayne, Sharon Kendall.
See more photos and lots of social media blasts here. Central Ohio loves the Blarney Bash!
Watch fun D-TV video coverage of the Bash and St Patrick's Day 2015 here. 2 minutes of rollicking times!
Message from Julie Erwin-Rinaldi, Club President:
The BASH came back big time!  Thank you to the planning committee headed by Wolf Lant and his many Rotary partners!  Thanks also to everyone that volunteered.  Many of you worked countless hours to make this event a success! You brought Rotary and our mission to countless individuals and families who now know the important work that we do and that we like having fun! Dublin should be proud of what was accomplished yesterday! 
Way to go!!! With great gratitude to all!
Message from Wolf Lant, Incoming President and Blarney Bash Committee Chair:
Thanks to everyone in the club for helping out on our first Blarney Bash event this year!  It was very successful, despite the rain before the event and even though many people in Dublin were already on their spring break.  Everyone who volunteered chipped in to ensure the event was successful and, despite a few minor glitches during the day, the response was overwhelmingly positive from both the crowds and the performers.  We got many words of thanks for bringing back the Bash! 
I'd like to especially recognize the entire Blarney Bash committee who spent countless hours over the past year pulling all the details together to make this event the success that it was.  All the committee heads did a great job making sure their parts of the project were well covered and it all came together by Saturday morning so that we were ready when the first crowds from the parade followed the bag pipe player to the event grounds.  The tent was better than half full by 12:30 and increased from there until late in the evening when the last band hit the stage!
The volunteers worked multiple shifts to make sure all areas were covered, and people shifted around to cover all the areas that needed extra help so that any lines that built up were quickly serviced.  Some of the volunteers who worked on Thursday and Friday to help us set up, also started at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and stayed until 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning to help clean up and tear down the site, and were right back at it by 9:00 a.m. on Sunday to help sweep the tent and clean up the surrounding grounds.  I'm very honored to be a part of such an incredibly dedicated group of Rotarians who worked so hard to make sure this inaugural event was a complete success for our community.
I spoke to the Dublin police, the County Sheriff, the Washington Township EMS and Fire inspectors during the event and they all were very complimentary as to how well run our first event was.  I think we can all be very proud of the job we did to bring this event back to the Dublin community and raise money for the charities we support!  
We will be scheduling a wrap up meeting very soon to go over what was done well and what we can do better next year to make this event even more successful.  If you all can send me an email letting me know your opinions of what was great about the event and what could be improved next time, I'd really appreciate it!  We will use these comments at our wrap up meeting to help our planning for this event next year and we will communicate back to the club as soon as we have a final accounting of the financial aspect of the event.
Thank you all again for your incredible support of this project and an extra thank you to those of you who financially sponsored this event too.  I'm humbled and honored to part of such a dedicated and hard working organization, and on behalf of all the people who worked on this event, we look forward to seeing this event grow and raise even more funds for the charities that we support.
Wolf Lant

Please welcome to the club our newest members, Betty and McGehee Isaacs. If you missed it in person, you can see their induction here.  Thanks for joining us, Betty and Mcgehee, and we look forward to fellowship and great accomplishments.

My, the years do fly; it seems hard to believe, but this spring is our 4th annual Daniel Wright Elementary Community Literacy Event.
It will take place at Daniel Wright on April 28th from 9:30 to 10:20 A.M.
We are having a visit from Ohio author David FitzSimmons; a copy of his work Curious Critters will be given to all of the second grade students at Daniel Wright. This work was chosen for its lovely and detailed photography, reading level suitability, and subject interest. Second graders have been targeted for this year to help create excitement about reading as they prepare for the challenge of next year’s Third Grade Reading test. The book is non-fiction and supports the Common Core’s focus on reading across the curriculum. School Media Specialist Marisa Saelzler is working with teachers to fit the book into the students’ lessons. Among other things, each student may be asked to create t-shirt with written clues on the front and the name of the animal on the back to highlight a writing component.
The Columbus Zoo is bringing animals to increase the students’ excitement and appreciation for the importance of reading.
Many thanks to Dublin A.M. Rotary, Daniel Wright PTO, and CML Friends of the Library for funding; to the Zoo for their support of the event; and to our friends at Costco, Karen Williams and Everitt Lilly, for donating water and non-allergenic snacks for the day.
As far as I know, this event may be unique in Ohio, and likely rare in the United States, for having a school, library, parents’ group, service organization, a well-loved institution such as the Columbus Zoo, and a giving business such as Costco work together as a community to a literacy issue.
We wil be sending out an email invite asking for volunteers at the event. Duties will be light: helping to distribute the books will be the main task. You'll get a big smile from a grateful child!

We are in the early stages of planning a Mission Trip to fit LN-4 prosthetic hands on amputees. We are looking to travel The Dominican Republic either in October 201
or April 201
. The timing would depend on what works best for everyone.
In June 2012 Rotarians Jim Burness, Sue Burness, Sharon Kendall, Paul Buchanan, Rita Hook, Bonnie Coley-Malir, along with Harvey Hook, Sarah Lutz, and 2 Interact Students traveled to Santo Domingo in The Dominican Republic to fit LN-4 prosthetic hands ( We were hosted by local Rotarians, who opened their homes to accommodate us and work on this project together. Most of the "advance" work had been done by them even before we arrived, making the experience very smooth. The fellowship we shared made the trip unforgettable, as the showed us around the Capital City and even took us to a Cocoa Plantation. We also took one day to travel to Mission Emanuel, where Harvey Hook (The Gathering) has been traveling for many years, to work on a mission project. For us on that day, it was building a wheelchair ramp at Mission Emanuel's Health Clinic. We envision the next trip having a similar opportunity.
The biggest cost of this trip is the airfare. Currently, round trip tickets are between $650-$1000, depending on airline, stops, etc. The Rotarians picked us up at the airport, housed and fed us. For the Mission Emanuel volunteering, we stayed in the same hotel for 1 night as mission volunteers that came from all over the US. We ate at the hotel and I think that total cost was around $200. Some of us went to an all inclusive beach resort, of which there are many, on the front side of our trip.That part was a lot of fun but definitely optional
​Last year
, we received an email from the President of the Rotary Club that hosted us in Santo Domingo, asking when we were coming back and they were looking forward to working with us again. That's where we are now. At this point we are just looking at the level of interest in our club. If you have an interest in possibly going or just questions, you can talk to or email me or any of the above Rotarians.
I think I speak for all of us who went, when you get off the plane after the trip you are a different person. It was a life changing experience.

Of course we all love coming to early morning meetings just for the fellowship, but isn't it great that the Speakers Committee excels at providing great presenters to make us think anf help us learn?
We have recently heard from Amy Taylor, Chief Operating Officer for the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation and Capitol South. Amy is a shaker and mover in Central Ohio, and the downtown area wouldn't look the same without her efforts on such huge projects as The Scioto Mile and Columbus Commons. This work is vital for Dublin, too, as we won't be able to grow and prosper if downtown is a moribund and blighted area. You can see Amy's lively and enjoyable presentation here (your editor apologizes that the last few minutes were lost due to a low camera battery).
We also heard from Greg Winslow, Vice President for Development of Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Greg gave a a great overview of how wide-ranging the Food Bank's activities are and how much good they do coordinating resources and people to help the needy in our community. You can see Greg's presentation here.


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