Dublin Chief of Police Justin Paez began his career in law enforcement in 2001 and has been a member of the Dublin Police Department since 2003. During his career, Chief Paez has served as a Patrol Officer, Patrol Corporal, Accreditation Sergeant, Community Impact Unit Sergeant, Lieutenant, Operations Bureau Commander, Services Bureau Commander, and Deputy Chief of Police.
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Our Guest Speaker- Dublin Police Chief Justin Paez
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Polar Bear was a great success again!  Special Recognition Pete Fuhlbrigge and Sinan Yaykin and all the members that contributed to a great Event. 
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2021 Goal: Critical incident response
and preparedness
  • In-service training for officers
    • Legal update
    • Weapons proficiency
    • Scenario-based training
  • Policy updates
    • Duty to intervene
    • Duty to report
    • Pointing of a firearm
    • Officer-involved critical incidents
2021 Goal: Enhance and demonstrate our ability to effectively address issues of significant community concern
  • Chief’s Advisory Committee resulted from local protests; focuses on equitable police practices
  • PD building connection with the community
  • Topics of discussion: Officer-involved critical incidents, response to resistance, rendering aid, body camera policies, response to civil disturbances, School Resource Officer program
  • Critical incident response and preparedness
  •  Theft offense reduction throughout the city
  •  Overall traffic safety improvement
  •  Addressing issues of significant community concern
While the crime rates are low in Dublin, as you can see on this visual slide, the message is clear: