Posted by Ingrid Fields
Dublin AM Rotary March 23rd meeting
Our Main Speaker was Steve Bunyard, President Dublin Methodist Hospital
We had visitors from Dublin Coffman High School Water Club, Brad Rasberry and Sri Varre looking for support for their Water Walk April 7th 9-11 to raise funds for water filtration systems and help with access to safe and clean water.  Frank D. committed $50 from the Hilliard club to the Water Club. This of course stimulated great competitive pressures with Dave Williams and our sergeant at arms today, Lee Beall, and we collected a matching amount from the pot for these fine young folks and their cause
Rev. Steve Smith announced tonight is Fish Friday at St. Patrick’s tonight at 6 pm.
Heartland High School lunch volunteers will be working Saturday.
Dwight Seeley announced that we will be covering the financials and Blarney Bash contributions at an upcoming meeting.
Jack Curtis welcomes more sponsorship, walkers and runners and company giveaways for the gift bags at the Stride for Sobriety event coming soon.
Our Guest Speaker- Steve Bunyard is here to commemorate the first 10 years of the Dublin Methodist Hospital and the care they bring to our community. Joining Steve was Athena Sidenstricker and Betsy Ralley.
Steve shared some data about the size and scale such as 80 surgical beds, 8 ORs, the importance of the orthopedic surgeries and the 3,000 ED patients. It started around 800 associates and have added anther 600 new associates.  120 volunteers also serve. Over 700 doctors work or have admitting capabilities.
There is a $20 M growth initiative to further both surgery support and obstetrics. In July our first class of residents will be joining our Dublin community in primary and family care at Dublin Methodist. They will also have office space support.
Robotics will continue to grow in fields like neurology and oncology.  More community access will also grow as the strategy of Simple, Accessible and Affordable offers the continuum of care  for the future.
Aa task force with OhioHealth is looking at the additive nature of the drug issues today and working with guidance councils and state and local level community organizations.