It's all about the Blarney Bash!  We need everyone to volunteer on March 18 to support our biggest fundraiser.  Ask friends, family, co-workers to join you. It's fun and a great community event. Signup HERE.
Our Speaker: Ryan McCarty
Without a doubt, Ryan's message reached every member, and reflected what Rotary is all about, too. Ryan spoke about creating a Culture of Good with business leaders to energize, empower and engage employees. He is completing a 2 month bus tour, taking his message across the country. Imagine what could happen, he said, if all employees  of all businesses were given the permission to care about not just their job but also their fellow employees, customers & causes they were passionate about.
A pastor by vocation, Ryan and business owner Scott Moorehead created just that environment in the 1200 Verizon stores that Scott owns. Ryan calls it "bringing your soul to work." Many companies donate money to causes and share photo ops. Creating a culture of good is not that. It's about giving employees permission, PTO and resources to determine what causes to support, how to do it and when to do it. After 4 years of documenting results, they found that in Scott's 1200 stores employee engagement was up, turnover was down by 34% and profits were up.
Ryan and Scott wrote a book, Build a Culture of Good, and gave each of us a copy to read and share. If you missed the meeting and would like to learn more, the book is available on Amazon here.