This week we took an active look at our Brain Fitness and how Exercise Fitness relates to our Brain Health.  
David Zid  and Jackie Russell expand the fight for brain health every day through so many methods:
“All Together Now” – the Moving’ It! 5k Run/Walk Parkinson’s Disease benefit now includes the Alzheimer’s (AD) and MS communities every year.
Parkinson’s Delay The Disease Bootcamps every week in Columbus
Adult fitness and "Life Altering” Exercise programs
Teaching Certification for 35 states of therapists
MS appropriate fitness private & group sessions
Total HealthWorks is expanding its programs to improve brain health, serve more people living with neurodegenerative conditions, and grow our facility. Total HealthWorks gym with  moving to a new location for growth, equipment, and updates so we can help those afflicted with PD, AD, and MS. 
Jackie is an RN, BSN, CNOR and Co-founder of Total HealthWorks, Delay the Disease and member of the American council on exercise.
David is co-founder of Total Healthworks, Delay the disease, and as a graduate of The Ohio State University, is  also and ACE and APG certified trainer.
I love his sessions best for the strength training and Multi-tasking drills.
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