Posted by Ingrid Fields on Jan 25, 2019
Dublin AM Rotary January 23, 2019 Meeting
Nate Traucht,  Founder of The Fitness Advantage, spoke about Exercise, Nutrition and The Myths 
Today’s Announcements:  
Kent Underwood requested the remaining members who have not completed the Survey Monkey to complete the survey and let their voices be heard. The link is in his email and Kent reiterated the importance of your input.
Progressive dinner format was described by Claudia and it sounds like a good time will be had by all! One more host house is needed for the Progressive dinner. Contact Claudia or Peter please - February 23th 2019 is the date.  
Jim Bandeen is being interviewed Live! about the Polar Bear on Channel 10 at 7 am Saturday February 2. Listen in and enjoy The Dublin Am Rotary fame as Jim describes one of our key events.
Dwight shared that 3rd and Goal has an event May 3rd called Heroes in the Hanger and we will be hearing more about that over the next several weeks.
Today’s Meeting
Ash introduced Nate Traucht, owner of The Fitness Edge here in Dublin on Old Avery Rd.
Nate covered:
  • Exercise Routines
  • Nutrition Routines
  • The Myths and Misconceptions so frequently believed about exercise and diet
8 % of us that set goals accomplish those SMART Goals! You know what means about the other 92%
Nate walked us through the common routines that work and some of the ones that do not when considering improved health, strength and body performance.
One example is the strong start technique only to have the desired behavior stop after 3-5 day because it is not sustainable.   Incremental steps work much better in both exercise and diet. Gradual habit changes produce the good outcomes and strength we try to achieve.
Nate is also a Life Coach, the Coffman Pole Vault Coach and has many more examples of effective training combining diet and training.
Please see TheFitnessEdge.CC  or email Nate at