Imerman Angels is a one-on-one cancer support community that matches cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers to provide supportive connections.  Through a personalized matching process, cancer fighters are connected with someone who has experienced a similar cancer situation (a Mentor Angel).  While each cancer experience is unique, Mentor Angels are matched by similar age, gender, cancer type and stage, giving fighters the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from a peer.  Their motto is that "Someone Understands."
Vicki Bender was an international flight attendant for many years with Delta Air Lines.  She heard about Imerman Angels while living in Chicago eight years ago.  Her father died of cancer, so she was drawn to share the mission at local cancer centers and events.  She relocated to Ohio two years ago, after retirement, to be close to family.  Realizing there is a need to spread the word in the Midwest, she continues sharing her passion for Imerman Angels and their peer-to-peer support program. 
Photos of this meeting and other meetings are on our Flickr site.