Price Finley, our District Governor, gave us a lot to think about during his presentation at our meeting on Friday, October 7th.  He reminded us of some amazing things we no longer have to IMAGINE, due to the spirit and can-do attitude that Rotary brings to the table.  He also challenged us to IMAGINE what still needs to be done. 
Thank you for providing a warm welcome to our guests from Dublin Worthington, Marysville, and Worthington AM Rotary Clubs.  The room was brimming with great energy and fellowship.
Here is what I IMAGINE for the future:  continued positive growth in attendance at our Friday Meetings.  We have so much that we want to accomplish, but first and foremost, we need to see each other in person and re-establish the connection. 
My vision:  I IMAGINE a meeting room full of energy.  I IMAGINE members talking to members.  I IMAGINE how good this will feel to have the magic of fellowship back.
Let’s make it happen!