Jul 07, 2023 7:30 AM
Deepa Willingham, Founder of PACE
Building Schools for Under Privileged Girls in India & Honoring Mohan Viddam

On July 7th, Deepa Willingham, a past District Governor in California and the founder of PACE, will present to our club.  See the attached article which celebrates her accomplishments of PACE which is dedicated to teaching under privileged girls in India (who typically don’t go past grade school in rural communities) and potentially South America too.  

At this July 7th meeting, we also plan to honor Mohan’s family.  Mohan’s wife Geeta, daughter Anju, from San Diego, and other daughter will be present.  Some of Mohan’s family will have toured PACE in India during the month of June.  

Laurie Reinbolt has offered to host Deepa at her home during her visit to Dublin.  Thank you Laurie!

Deepa knows Price Finley and Craig Maxey and would like to connect with them while she’s in town and may potentially visit another club or two while she’s here as well.  We are planning to organize a happy hour or a dinner somewhere to facilitate meeting Deepa prior to our Friday morning meeting.