Human Trafficking

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The Dublin AM Victims of Human Trafficking Coalition is a recent collaboration between Dublin AM Rotary and the Salvation Army's Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Organization. This organization provides advocacy, case management and prevention services for victims of human trafficking in Central Ohio.

The Rotary sub-committee has been working directly with Trisha Smouse, MSW, from the Salvation Army on how the Rotary could support their current goals and objectives. The following recommendations were made about how Dublin AM Rotary could be supportive:

1.   Develop a referral list of Dublin AM Rotary members who could donate medical, mental health/substance abuse, legal, educational, housing, or food donation services. This list would be an ongoing commitment to provide social welfare services to victims

2.   To utilize club resources for any short term/long term housing options when victims are rescued.

3.   To have an ongoing donation of personal hygiene supplies (soap, toothpaste, tampons, etc.) that are delivered during their street outreach.

4.   To have an ongoing donation of snacks (little Debbie snack cakes and granola bars were listed as favorites) to give for their street outreach.

5 . To develop a supportive relationship with Dublin AM Rotary to keep brainstorming and offering ideas of how to grow their program (it is a new program that is still evolving).

If members think they could donate in any of these areas, they would be so appreciate. Trisha Smouse also asked me to pass along her sincere gratitude to the Dublin AM Rotary for taking an interest in caring for her clients in the Central Ohio Restore and Rescue mission. 

Contact project coordinator Lisa Skeens at