Contact: Jim Burness
Dublin AM
United States of America
Dublin AM Rotary is planning a Mission Trip to the Dominican in early 2020. Exact dates will be determined soon based on what works best for most members. Tentatively we are looking at February or March of next year. We will be partnering with World Mission Partners out of Atlanta, and would be hosted by their team in LaRomana D.R.. Those of you who attended last Fridays meeting, and heard our guest speaker Moises Sifren from World Mission Partners in LaRomana, felt his passion for service. Moises, also a Rotarian, would work with us in advance to structure a trip that works best for our group. He hosted our own Roland Pagniano and his family, who traveled there on a Dental Mission this past spring. When I heard about Roland's experience, how well planned his week was and how extremely reasonable the cost was, I felt this would be a great opportunity for our club. In Addition, there will also be plenty of time for various leisure activities, such as time at the beach, sailing in the Caribbean, or playing golf at some of the best golf courses in the world. 
If you have an interest in going on a Spring Mission Trip, email me and I will put you on a list for future communications and meetings. I realize at this point that many things, such as dates, costs, activities, etc., need to be determined before anyone can give a firm commitment. At this point I am just trying to gauge interest to move forward. We are not limiting this trip to just Dublin AM Rotarians. We welcome spouses, significant others, family members, and close friends.
As a member of a Dublin AM Mission to the Dominican in 2012, I can tell you it was a life changing experience. Not only did we feel the love and appreciation of those we were helping, we did it while enjoying the trip with other fellow Rotarians.
Jim Burness