Posted by Steve Schmitt
Rotary Meeting 8/9/19
District Manager Gary Vaughn will be here next Friday to speak.
Kent Underwood is planning a meeting to celebrate our 30th anniversary.    To be scheduled in the future.
Wine Not Wednesday will be August 14th at Condado Tacos in the Dublin Historic District
Lou Charobee showed sample car show trophies and announced the need for volunteers – signup sheet passed around.
Dave Lundregan announced the need for Dublin Food Pantry volunteers and passed a signup sheet around. 
Sinan Yaykin announced the in-bound exchange student from Germany will be at the meeting next week.  Looking for host families for the 2020/2021 school year.  There is an upcoming information meeting for interested families.
Sinan Yaykin announced the Rotoract Club is getting going and there will be a social meet and greet at Fados in Bridge Park on August 22nd in the evening.  He will send an e-mail announcement. 
Presentation:  Roland Pagniano’s Dental Mission Trip to La Romana, Dominican Republic
Worked with World Mission Partners 
Worked with World Mission Partners and stayed at the Case de Campo Resort
They treated 70 patients this trip.
Emphasis is bringing families on the mission. 
They used a mobile dental RV that was donated by American dentists.  They visited two Bateyes (sugar cane workshops).  The workers are mostly Haitian immigrants that work for $5 a day and the Bateyes are the poorest communities in the DR.
Moises Sefrin is Rotary member and is the administrator for ever-growing hospital that includes a dental clinic where the group also treated patients.  Moises will be presenting to our club on 9/13 during a visit the United States.
Our club and Rotary Foundation donated $3,730 to the mission.  Other donations of dental supplies and money helped cover the cost.