Posted by ingrid Fields on Nov 08, 2019
Dublin AM Rotary November 8, 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker focus today was our Dublin AM Rotary Foreign Exchange Student “Inbound to America” Lara Kranke with a guest appearance from France- our “Outbound” Chris Humphrey.
Kent Underwood showed great technology trust and fortitude with a Zoom call to France, the video of Red Skelton  and Lara’s presentation in our meeting today.
Wine Not Wednesday at Z Cuccina this week! Ramona announced that the Social Committee events continue this Wednesday in the Bridge Park area at 5:30 and some will be starting closer to 5 so come early and come all, these have been great little get togethers!
December 5th we will be serving hot chocolate and hot cider to raise funds for the historic society at the Dublin Tree Lighting. Claudia assured us no cooking skills needed but she would appreciate a few hot water carafes if possible?  Volunteers too from 5-7 pm.
Kent reminded us of our Snow Policy: If Dublin schools are delayed or cancelled then the Rotary meeting is also cancelled.  Just a timely reminder before our first big snowfall of the season.  
Bonnie announced that the Holiday Party emails invitations are out and should be in your email as of yesterday- please find and reserve your spot among the happy holiday partying going gang on December 6th!
Andy Keeler appreciates the support received, we applaud his win to Dublin City Council and anticipate his continued service to our great city.
Tom  McGloshen shared the 4 Way Test content as discussed last meeting and provided handouts today from the Rotarian Magazine article.
Roberta is still collecting  canned goods and needs a volunteer to collect our goods and deliver to the Food Pantry next week.  Please bring your food item to the meeting next Friday.
Bruce Andrews announced the Bell Ringing schedule is circulating now for your sign up for either December 7th or 14th.
Dave Williamson shared the Red Skelton video of the moving rendition of our Pledge of Allegiance and this reminder of it’s meaning to us.
Lara's hometown is a suburb of Dresden Germany, where Lara is a 16 year old student that is active in sports, studies and volunteer medical experiences for future studies.  Lara shared humorous comments about the Handball, Soccer, Skiing and Snowboarding sports clubs, her little town’s choir and the importance of the school principal in determining her interests in being a foreign exchange student. The Dresden Rotary 1880 club had many candidates and Lara is very grateful to our club for the warm welcome and her participation with our club.
Dresden is comprised of 60% forests and Lara shared great pictures of her school, town and her matching motorcycles for the riding passion shared with her father.
Lara has enjoyed travels to Barcelona, Paris, Croatia, Austria and surfing camp.
Between Chris and Lara, we can feel confident we have great young representatives of the Rotary Way.