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  • Susan West (Page Vornbrock)
  • Jeremy Brooks (Sarah Richardson)
So what is happening in the Dublin real estate market?  What about the mortgage market?
"Guest" speakers: Page Vornbrock, Daryl Schorstein, Jack Curtis, and Dave McKee
  • In 2016, 437 homes totaling $2B were sold in 43017
    • $416K = average list price
    • $405.8K - average sales price
    • 59 days - average time on the market
  • In the resale market, currently 208 active listings with 114 in contract
    • $310K = average sales price
    • updated home sell more quickly
  • Dublin school district makes our community exceptionally desirable
    • homes < $300K are in great demand as parents bring families to a very desirable school district
  • 30 year fixed rates ~ 4.25
  • 15 year fixed rates ~ 3.50
  • financial regulations do create significant administrative requirements that often impact and disrupt closing timelines
  • 65% of Bridge Park apartments and retail space are currently contracted
  • Dublin is overbuilt with homes > $700K as residents seek to downsize and move to walkable communities
  • Over the holidays, 359 new Dublin school students came into the district; for perspective, a typical elementary school supports 500 students
  • District is evaluating innovative options as an alternative to a fourth, traditional high school