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Bonnie Miles - Guest Speaker
  • Dave Holliday recognized Jack Curtiss for his first and Bonnie Coley-Malir for her second Paul Harris Fellowshiop
  • Cindy Groeniger reminded us that the Friday, March 17 meeting will be held at the Blarney Bash tent.  Volunteers are needed post-meeting for set up.
  • Dave Williamson is looking for a few volunteers today between 4-4:30 (March 10) to help with the delivery of Blarney Bash fencing and placement; it is anticipated that this will only take about 15 minutes of actual work.
  • Alan Abouhassan sent an e-mail invitation for a Rotary NCAA tournament bracket at a cost of $20.  The easiest way to pay is to be billed by the club, but if you prefer another payment option, please contact Alan.
  • Steve Schmidt (Wolf Lant)
  • Leslie Raynes (Bonnie Coley-Malir)
  • Kurt Hoeft (Nick Glimsdahl)
  • Bryan Hill (Rich Weber)
  • Frank Dellenschneider (guest in perpetuity)
Speaker:  Bonnie Miles - BATS:  Be Afraid
  • Only mammal with true ability to fly
  • 1300+ species world wide on every continent except Antarctica
    • 47 species in North America
    • 14 species in Ohio
  • 70% are insectivores
  • vampire bat is the only mammal that survives completely on blood (mostly of birds and livestock)
  • Myths debunked
    • not blind
    • not dirty
    • do not attack humans; are actually afraid of them
    • less than 0.5% have rabies
  • Threats
    • low reproductive rate
    • cats
    • wind turbines
    • white nose syndrome (fungal disease with no real treatment)
    • starvation and dehydration
  • Prognosis
    • numbers in decline
    • consequences for agriculture requiring more pesticides leading to higher cost of goods