Dublin AM Rotary Club Launching Community Veterans Project
The Veterans Affairs Committee of the Dublin AM Rotary Club is partnering with Dublin-based Resurrecting Lives Foundation  (RLF) to sponsor and promote a community and region-wide art project to benefit RLF’s programs assisting veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  The project is also joining forces with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Rotary District 6690, and veteran’s groups that are aligning to address the increasing numbers of veteran suicides through the nationwide Stop Soldier Suicide project.
The RLF/Dublin AM Rotary Club partnership is unique in many aspects.  The project had its origin with a 3-D art piece by Navy Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Joe Pisano that featured a background painting of a military scene that utilized a blend of canvas, metal, wood and paint into three dimensional tributes to the sacrifice, duty and  honor of military service members and veterans. 
His collection began with a flag-oriented painting titled “Stand Together – A Veterans Flag” which featured a waving flag painting that was enhanced with painted drywall screws that were installed at various depths to provide the 3-D effect.  The   collection has expanded to over seven patriotic paintings depicting World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam Conflict, the Global War on Terrorism, Tomb of the Unknown, and Freedom Wall. 
The Dublin-based RLF has sponsored a painting titled “ The Global War on Terrorism” that includes a like-sized set of boots, rifle, helmet with approximately 6000 drywall screws.  The flag in the picture is at half-staff to honor those who lost their lives in the global war on terror along with over 1,000 official sized dog tags. 
RLF and Dublin AM Rotary club have joined efforts with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce to sponsor another painting of a waving American flag with a combination of drywall screws, and featuring a canvas border that will be signed by local veterans and family members on behalf of veterans in their family.  The  project, a joint public display and fundraising initiative, has  been designated “Veterans Stand Together Across America” or VSTAA. The plan is will be to have a “travelling art project” designed to be displayed throughout central Ohio cities, towns, and communities to enable veterans from the area to be a part of the project and recognized for their service and sacrifice on behalf of a grateful nation. 
The goal of VSTAA is to enable the public to become aware of the terrific need for awareness and assistance required for veterans who have encountered PTSD, TBI, or significant issues leading the to contemplate suicide - that America cares about its veterans, the desire to support and assist them in becoming aware and seek proper treatment for their issues and know that their service was not in vain or unappreciated. 
As the travel schedule for the VSTAA project is finalized look to your community bulletin boards for the date and times it will be arriving in your areas in the following weeks.  Additional information on the project can be obtained by contacting RLF or Dublin AM Rotary Club officials.
The Vietnam War panel entitled "Welcome Home" pays tribute to the iconic statue of three soldiers returning from patrol. The panel, created with over 20,000 screws, also reflects the environment Vietnam Veterans recall - monsoons and jungle. One Veteran suggested a red, white, and blue theme. The question Joe asked himself when creating this piece was, “How can I make these soldiers look like superheroes?”  The answer was creating red, white and blue lightening bolts in a stormy monsoon jungle.