Covid-19 Update Battelle’s decontamination efforts – Jon Coyle
Jon Coyle, son of Ramona and Barry Coyle and past Rotary scholarship winner spoke on his recent experiences rolling out Critical Care Contamination for Battelle. His efforts allowed health care works the ability to have clean and safe masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the key insights and experiences he shared with the group:
  • He participated in setting up the decontamination systems in Washington, NY and Boston
  • In total Battelle has 60 systems ready to deploy, with 39 currently in operation
  • The technology was created back in 2015-2016 from a study Battelle conducted with the FDA
  • Over 1M+ masks have gone through the decontamination process and have been able to reused safely
A special thanks to Jon for his efforts in keeping our front-line health workers safe.  
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