Posted by Claudia Trusty
Heinz VonEckartsberg, City of Dublin Police Chief and Alec O’Connell, Chief of the Washington Township Fire Department speaking to Dublin AM Rotary re local Dublin law enforcement and first responder’s proactive response to the opiate epidemic, with Julie Erwin Rinaldi moderating the discussion. Here are highlights from their presentation:
  • There are more theft crimes being committed because of this epidemic
  • Our community does understand the crisis now, and is responding
  • 15% - 18% of Washington Twp. fire dept. runs are due to overdose/heroin
  • Addicts are all ages and wonderful people – not the stereotypical drug addict
  • Narcan is saving lives. People can walk away from a OD situation but it does wear off. The addict will want another fix soon after
  • Officers carry narcan to protect themselves – fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin & officers have had to inject narcan when they have touched people with fentanyl on their skin.
  • Why is Ohio one of the worst crisis states?
    • Read the book "Dreamland." It traces the flow of drugs from Mexico to Wheeling to southern Ohio
  • What can our club do?
    • Do not give money or gift cards for food to panhandlers. Many are known to police/fire as heroin addicts and will use you donation to buy drugs. DO NOT GIVE MONEY!
    • Do not leave purses, bags, phones, change, etc in your car. Cars are easy targets for addicts.
    • Do not leave you garage door open, even when mowing your lawn.
  • Drop off all unwanted/unneeded prescription drugs to the Police Dept. There is a 24/7 locked drop box in the HQ lobby. That includes any prescriptions you have for pets.
  • Share this information with friends, neighbors and colleagues.