We asked Rick Stein for a return engagement speaking on Autonomous Vehicles. In this humorous overview of the talk Rick and Jason will be delivering, we can get a sense of the good time to come Friday morning at our meeting:
Jason Sudy and Rick Stein are co-researchers on issues surrounding autonomous technology related to land use, transportation and the overarching impact on cities.
Over the past six years they’ve conveyed ideas and predictions for the future to local, regional and national audiences with an accuracy rate that, had they been ballplayers instead of urban planners, would assure enshrinement in Cooperstown.
Uncontented with past triumphs, the team further extends these speculative claims based on real-world data, trends, and the abiding belief that nothing that allows corporations to make a ton of money is too weird to be considered possible. The group is also in the pre-pre-submittal stage for Nobel recognition, just as soon as they can find the online application form on the website.
As you can tell, we are in for good information, astute analytics, and good fun! See you Friday AM.