Describing the formula for success and speaking about Sports World was former Ohio State University and National Football League defensive lineman Jimmie Bell of Columbus.

Bell describes himself as an empowerment coach and speaker. He is one of a number of professional athletes associated with Sports World, a nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis that relies on donations to fund assembly programs with students across the country.

From a recent Dispatch article, Bell said:

"We kind of live in a society where people are constantly telling you what you should do and be. People kind of just seek other people's approval on things and how they should act,” she said. β€œIt's really important to just know your worth and know that you can just do whatever you put your mind to and you should work hard. ... Just shut those voices out that are telling you that you can't do something."  He said that understanding, empathy and compassion are essential elements in communicating his message to students and young adults.

"Within 30 seconds, I'm hoping I can find out exactly what that individual needs from me" to establish a personal connection, he said. "I'm not telling them something someone hasn't told them. ... Ultimately, it's that soulful connection that requires empathy, that allows us to engage the way that we do."

The key to understanding a child often is simply to pay attention, he said.  A child might be hungry, confused, misunderstood or struggling with something crazy he or she had witnessed at home, Bell said. Educators have difficult jobs, he said, because they often are forced into the role of life coaches or social workers – needs that go beyond their level of training. Bell said he tries to place himself in the shoes of each person he meets."  

During his presentations to schools, Bell said reaching life goals and attaining dreams are based on attitude, actions and legacy.  Read more here

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