Our speaker on November 4th at Dublin AM Rotary was Moises Sifren, CEO of El Buen Samaritano Hospital in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He is also a member of the Rotary Club in La Romana and one of the Executive Directors of World Missions Partners. Moises stayed after the meeting to discuss further any in depth questions about mission work in the Dominican Republic and our mission there in March 2023.
Moises is the son of Haitian immigrants and was born in the Dominican Republic. He grew up living in a Batay, a poor community in the Dominican Republic sugar cane fields. Moises currently lives and works in the Dominican Republic providing medical services to Dominicans as well as Haitian immigrants living in the Dominican Republic. He also built and operates a large private school for poor students in the Dominican Republic. He has a passion to help the poor and to provide them with care they may not otherwise have access to. He enjoys giving them hope for a brighter future. You will never meet a man with a bigger heart. Moises is the man that makes all the magic happen smoothly when missions teams come to serve in the La Romana region of the Dominican Republic.Moises has traveled far to come speak to our club.

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